Mexican Hairless Dog:

Armany  (open to mating )

import Mexico

Date of birth: 20/02/2013

dam: Izel Caliente (Mexico)

sir: Cancun Caliente (Mexico)

height:   59cm

color: black

breeder: Valeria Kablova

owner: Valeria Kablova (Russia)

Titles: CH Czech Republic, CH Russia, CH RKF,  

JVice World Winner, J CH Russia


Armany is the first-born of our first litter of Izel & Cancun, which is so

wonderful that is left in the our kennel "SonderWol".

Izel Caliente

import Mexico

Date of birth: 18/03/2010

dam: Hermana Caliente (Mexico)

sir: El Mas Guapo Caliente (Mexico)

height: 57cm

color: black

breeder: kennel "Caliente" (Mexico)

owner: Valeria Kablova  (Russia)

Titles: Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF 


   Izel arrived to us from the famous kennel "Caliente" from Mexico when she was three months old. She grew rapidly, prettier and has become well-built dog breed Xoloitzcuintli. She is very kind, loving and beautiful dog.

Cancun Caliente (open to mating )

import Mexico

open to mating 


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Date of birth: 12/02/2009

dam: A Beldad Caliente (Mexico)

sir: Zehermano Caliente (Mexico)

height:   56cm

color: black

breeder: kennel "Caliente" (Mexico)

owner: Marina Zubkova/ Valeria Kablova (Russia)

Titles: CH Russia, CH RKF, CH Europe-2011, CH Club, CH Eurasia 2011,

CH Macedonia, CH Romania, CH Bulgaria, CH Cyprus, CH Moldova, CH Georgia, CH Montenegro, Black sea winner in 2011, Balcanian winner 2011