Our Peruvian litters

 If you are interested in our puppies, we recommend you submit your application to mail  sonderwol@mail.ru  and tell us a little about yourself. 

Qero Huatuntupaq x SL Neria


1.  Sonderwol Legend , hairless male

2.  Sonderwol Legend, hairless male

3.  Sonderwol Legend, hairless female

4.  Sonderwol Legend, hairless female

5. Sonderwol Legend, coated female 


Jefe Huatuntupaq x SL Melie


1.  Sonderwol Legend Za Za Gabor, hairless female   RESERVED

2.  Sonderwol Legend Zoe Hit Hunter, hairless female   RESERVED 

3. Sonderwol Legend Zeta Jones, coated female   FOR SALE


 Qero Huatuntupaq x SL Elite Way


1.  Sonderwol Legend Yavin,  hairless male   (Russia)

2.  Sonderwol Legend Yasar,  hairless male   (Italy)

3.  Sonderwol Legend Yamato,  hairless male    (Estonia)

4.  Sonderwol Legend Yaguar,  hairless male   (Russia)

5.  Sonderwol Legend Yasmin,  hairless female  (Slovenia)   

6.  Sonderwol Legend Yarro,  hairless male   (USA)

Jefe Huatuntupaq x Gemma Huatuntupaq 


1.  Sonderwol Legend Yuvert   (Russia)

2.  Sonderwol Legend Yugo Wite   (Russia)

3. Sonderwol Legend Yutan   (Russia)

4. Sonderwol Legend Yutara  (Slovakia)

5. Sonderwol Legend Yukka  (Austria)

Qero Huatuntupaq x Farra Huatuntupaq 


1.  Sonderwol Legend Shankar    (Russia)

2.  Sonderwol Legend Shanel   (Slovenia)  


SL Deo Red x SL MELIE 


1.  Sonderwol Legend Heiress   (Russia)

2.  Sonderwol Legend Havana   (Germany)


SL Deo Red x Gemma Huatuntupaq 


1.  Sonderwol Legend  Real Man  (UK)

2.  Sonderwol Legend  Ritzy Boy  (Poland)

3.  Sonderwol Legend  Ray of Light  (Belgium)

4.  Sonderwol Legend  Rarity Guy  (Finland)

Jefe Huatuntupaq х Farra Huatuntupaq 


1.  Sonderwol Legend Nisa  (Russia)

2.  Sonderwol Legend  Neria  (Lithuania)

3. Sonderwol Legend Natus   (Russia)

Qero Huatuntupaq x Gemma Huatuntupaq 


1.  Sonderwol Legend Mattea  (Russia)

2.  Sonderwol Legend  Melica  (Germany)

3. Sonderwol Legend Meritum Grande  (Russia)

4. Sonderwol Legend  Marron  (Germany)

5. Sonderwol Legend Moera  (Estonia)

6. Sonderwol Legend Melie  (Belarus)

7. Sonderwol Legend  Magnus  (Italy)

Jefe Huatuntupaq x Gemma Huatuntupaq 


1.  Sonderwol Legend  Ex Perior, coated  (Latvia)

2.  Sonderwol Legend  Everett Morrison  (Spaine)

3.  Sonderwol Legend   Elite Way  (Russia)

4.  Sonderwol Legend Effect Beauty  (Spain)

5.  Sonderwol Legend  Ego Boss, coated (Ukraine)

6.  Sonderwol Legend  Eva Twity Pie  (Germany)

7.  Sonderwol Legend  Ease Mind, coated (Russia)


Jefe Huatuntupaq x Farra Huatuntupaq


1.  Sonderwol Legend Dana Slim, сoated  (Russia)

2. Sonderwol Legend De Soto  (Russia)

3.  Sonderwol Legend  Dream Rose (Germany)

4.  Sonderwol Legend Deo Red   (Russia)

5. Sonderwol Legend Dia Cristal   (Sweden)

6. Sonderwol Legend Delli Melody  (Russia)

Peruvian Hairless - is a unique, one of the rarest breeds of dogs. These dogs are very attached to his master and to all members of the family, they get along well with children and get along with any other animals. They are brave, courageous, full of dignity and well-trained. They have noble character and tender affection with regard to loved ones, but are at the same time wary of strangers. Due to the structure of the body, Peruvian Hairless Dogs are very fast, energetic, very agile, fast running and high jump. They just made for sports, such as coursing, agility, and others. Dogs of this breed are already thousands of years old keep a huge stock of positive energy, they always give sacrificially to the owner to save him from trouble and disease!