People often ask me about the differences between the two these great breeds of dogs, which are the same at first glance.

Of course, hairlessness makes these dogs alike, skin color can be different in any of these breed. all

can will born puppies. As a rule, they not have full dentition, therefore it is impossible to pull toys out of their mouth.

The bare skin is dogs, sunbathing on the sun, which makes them particularly bright and spectacular.

Dogs of these breeds don't like being alone, so you should take into account the fact that you have to spend a lot of time

for them. They get along with all animals and children. dogs are excellent companions, ideal for keeping at home, they are clean and odorless. Both breeds of dogs are not trusting enough of strangers, to new circumstances and new things.

For them to need Proper training and socialization, and give for these dogs more confidence and trust to the world.

Also hairless dogs have curative properties due to the heat from their bodies. they have an amazing energy that,

if directed in the right direction, it will make your time together memorable and exciting adventure with best friend.


 Despite this,  Peruvian Hairless Dog and Xoloittzcuintli- are two completely different breeds of dogs!


Xoloitzcuintle or Mexican Hairless - dog for adventure lovers, people with character who love to experience different emotions. Spectacular dogs who know their own worth, they often try to declare this, insisting on his. Very strong and vigorous, can long walk, but can also be lazy and reluctant to go on the street, not wanting to leave the favorite sofa, especially in bad weather. Xolo excellent companions and guards, love to play, watch TV. If we compare with the children, then xolo - this "naughty child" who loves his mother, he wants constantly to attract her attention, and tries to get to play your favorite games, but when he realizes that this will not work, removes all your desires to the last plan and pleasure begins to do what his asked.

Peruvian Hairless dog more than anything else loves its owner. Very delicate and sensitive dogs that looking to eyes. They are not lazy and always willing to execute any command, even when they do not really want to. Peruvians are very hardy, courageous, very fast and agile, they like to play outdoor games, may engage in any kind of sport, such as agility or running near a bicycle. These dogs do not run away on a walk, the owner is always near or in their field of vision. They are light and easy to communicate, very good, easy to training, able to fully trust the owner, so go for any experiments. Peruvian as "an obedient child" who does not want to upset my mother, and they tries to always and everywhere to help, so most of the time is near.

Valeria Kablova